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We grind our own meat for the
burgers and add just the right seasonings to make the flavor pop. The best burger you will find.
Love wings? Try ours.


Middle Eastern Soul Food.
Incredibly fresh, aromatic and deliciously spiced. Flavorful not hot. Healthy and delicious,
we will hook you on these.


Sure, we have your all time favorites - but if you are craving fresh veggies, then try our unique flavors found in the fattoush, tabbouleh and greek salads.



4880 54th Avenue N., St. Pete, FL
Open 10am to 10pm daily
727-525-9356 (ZEKO)

3609 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa, FL
Open 10am to 4am daily

820 1st Street W, Bradenton FL
Open 10am to 10pm daily
941-746-9356 (ZEKO)

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